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Care of Creation

We, the Congregation of St. Joseph, promise 
to recognize the reality that Earth is dying, 
to claim our oneness with Earth and to take 
steps now to strengthen, heal and renew the 
face of Earth. 

Join Us

The Congregation of St. Joseph is deeply committed
to preserving and achieving unity with Earth. We are
called to love and care for the “dear neighbor,” both person
and planet. Steps we have taken at one or all of our founding communities include:

Recycling and using recycled products.

Exploring earth-friendly renewable forms of energy,
such as solar and wind power.

Conserving energy and water.


Replacing gasoline-powered cars with
those fueled by natural gas, or by
hybrid vehicles

Reducing the use of disposable products.

Using cloth napkins and energy-saving light bulbs.

Buying fair trade goods and other
“green” products.

Designing grounds to be user-friendly and
chemical free.

Educating staff, residents and guests about
conservation practices.

Creating wildscape areas and nature
trails into our properties.

Eliminating bottled water from our centers.

Working with certified, environmentally friendly
printers who use soy-based inks and recycled and
recyclable papers.

Ensuring that all construction projects
on our properties are eco-friendly.

Working with other community organizations to
promote environmental awareness.

Speaking out to our media and petitioning elected
government officials to protect Earth from climate change.

Join with Sisters and Associates in planning strategies and programs that will educate and inspire community members and the larger community to make choices for a healthy, sustainable future. If you are interested in conservation, eco-spirituality, healthy living, eco-friendly economics and/or eco-justice, please join like-minded people in our congregation as we promote and protect Earth.

For more information, contact Sister
Mary Ellen Gondeck, CSJ, at

We recognize that we share a common vision with many others who seek to make choices for a healthy, sustainable future. Here are a few of the many resources you may find valuable:
News Stories:

Sisters pledge to help re-build Haiti and the lives of its people.

Sisters helping to protect Earth's fresh water.


Click here to watch a powerpoint presentation on the devastating effects of plastic bags on the environment.

Click here to watch a powerpoint presentation on the devastating effects of bottled water on the environment.

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Click here to view weekly environment reports.

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Email us at communications@csjoseph.org

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