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Copyright©2008. Congregation of Saint Joseph.

CSJ Ministries, Inc.

The Congregation of St Joseph sponsors ministries as a means to express and extend our 360 year old mission in today’s world. CSJ Ministries, created in 2008, provides support and oversight of most of the sponsored ministries of the Congregation. As the sponsorship arm of the congregation, it is totally dedicated to current and future sponsored ministries. 

Mission Statement

Rooted in the mission of Jesus, “that all may be one”, CSJ Ministries affirms, strengthens and supports the sponsored ministries of the Congregation of St. Joseph to bring about a more just and peaceful world.

ABLE Families 
  Kermit, WV
Caregiver Companion
  Lafayette, IN
Catholic Mobilizing Network
  Washington, DC
Christ in the Wilderness    
  Stockton, IL
Dillon Hall
  Kalamazoo, MI

Holy Family Childcare &
Development Center 

  Wheeling, WV
Ministry Against the Death Penalty
  New Orleans, LA
Ministry of the Arts/St. Joseph Press   
  LaGrange Park, IL
Nazareth Academy  
  LaGrange Park, IL
People Program  
  New Orleans, LA
River’s Edge: A Place For Reflection
and Action   
  Cleveland, OH
Saint Joseph Academy    
  Cleveland, OH
St. Joseph’s Academy         
  Baton Rouge, LA
St. Joseph Adoption Ministry
  Kansas City, KS
St. Joseph Health Initiative
  Wheeling, WV
 St. Joseph Spirituality Center
  Baton Rouge, LA

School and Tutors on Wheels
  LaGrange Park, IL
Sheridan Village    
  Wichita, KS
Sisters Health Foundation
  Parkersburg, WV
Sisters of St. Joseph
Dear Neighbor Ministries

  Wichita, KS
Sisters of St. Joseph
Health and Wellness Foundation

  Wheeling, WV
SJA Foundation
  Baton Rouge, LA
  Wichita, KS
Taller de José   
  Chicago, IL
Transformations Spirituality Center
  Nazareth, MI

The Well Spirituality Center
  LaGrange Park, IL

Core Values of CSJ Sponsored Ministries

Sponsored Ministries are vibrant expressions of the CSJ mission of unity.  Always moving toward excellence, we serve the dear neighbor in the manner of Jesus, manifesting God’s active, inclusive, unifying love, through hospitality, generosity, service and zeal.

Rooted in this common mission, therefore, we:
Exercise our personal and collective leadership to bring about a more just and peaceful world.
Collaborate with others to change societal systems that cause injustice, oppression, and poverty.
Take steps to strengthen, heal, and renew Earth.
Work toward transforming the culture of power, privilege and violence, to a culture that is inclusive, embraces diversity and welcomes the gifts of all.  

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or click on "How We Serve" at left for more
information on each ministry by category.


Janet Fleischhacker, CSJ
Executive Director
3427 Gull Road
P.O. Box 18
Nazareth, MI  49074

Theresa Denton
Associate Director
221 W Northridge Lane
Peoria, IL 61614

 Judith Minear, CSJ
Coordinator for Mission Integration
3430 Rocky River Drive
Cleveland, OH 44111