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Copyright©2008. Congregation of Saint Joseph.

The Congregation of St. Joseph, a community of nearly 700 vowed women religious, was formed in 2007 by uniting seven independent St. Joseph congregations in the U.S. The history of each founding congregation is replete with examples of generous support and collaboration with others to meet the needs of the ‘dear neighbor’. At its inaugural chapter in 2007, the new Congregation, recognizing its call to incarnate its mission and charism in the world in fidelity to God’s call in the Gospel, committed itself to four “Generous Promises."

In light of these Generous Promises, the founding congregations brought their grant making funds together to develop new opportunities to support projects/ministries that extend the desires expressed in these promises: The Generous Promise Grant Fund.

Generous Promise Grant Fund's Mission
The Generous Promise Grant Fund is established to support endeavors consistent with the Congregation’s mission of unity and reconciliation, and its Generous Promises.

Grantmaking Focus
The Generous Promise Grant Fund awards grants to organizations and community projects that have a current or historical connection with the Congregation of St. Joseph. Change grants focus on systemic change (see Glossary of Terms): West Virginia and Sponsored Ministry Grants actualize the values of any one of the Generous Promises:
  • Promoting systemic change (focusing on issues of human rights and basic human needs);
  • Strengthening/healing the earth (sustaining Earth’s resources rooted in solidarity with and integrity of all creation);
  • Developing a culture of inclusivity and mutuality (shifting from the prevailing global culture of institutionalized power and  privilege);
  • Strengthening leadership abilities (developing leaders who will bring a commitment and competence to the issues of a global family).