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Much of our surrounding culture and politics in the U.S. display fearful and disdainful attitudes towards new immigrants in our land. This peace/justice interest group in our congregation will be kept informed about—and encouraged to advocate for— kinder more compassionate, and more welcoming relationships with global neighbors who migrate into our midst for many valid reasons. A recent public statement on immigration approved by the leadership council of the U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph prophetically illuminates the link between the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph for unity and reconciliation and the work that has evolved in many CSJ communities with migrants and about immigration policy. The statement addresses aspects of globalization and poverty that compel migration and urges attention to more equitable global relationships.

If this topic of peace and justice is close to your heart, one that you especially want to learn, reflect and act upon, contact Marilyn Nickol mnickol@csjoseph.org or Joellen Sbrissa jsbrissa@csjoseph.org.

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Immigration: A CSJ Perspective

U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Statement on Immigration

Immigration Myths

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Article: "Immigration Chaos: Compassion is Key to an Honorable Solution", from the Fall 2010 issue of imagineONE magazine

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