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     Socially Responsible Investment

The Congregation of St. Joseph is committed to having its investments be socially responsible. Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) are accomplished using three strategies.

1) Portfolio screening,
2) Shareholders action, including filing resolutions and engaging in dialogues,
3) Community Development Investments. As members of the Interfaith Center of Corporate Responsibility, (ICCR), the congregation works with faith-based groups to work as shareholders in using our resources for systemic change. We work with corporations in changing policies or practices that are unjust or oppressive to people or to Earth.

Joellen Sbrissa at jsbrissa@csjoseph.org or Mary Ellen Gondeck at mgondeck@csjoseph.org.


Visit ICCR website: www.iccr.org

Or click on the following documents:

The Role of ICCR

Socially Responsible Investing

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