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Our History
A young Sister Gertrude Moffitt, accompanied by two companions, answered the call from St. John the Baptist Parish in Tipton, Indiana, in 1888. From the small, humble cottage in which they lived, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tipton, Indiana, established a  vibrant presence in the area. Mother Gertrude, the foundress of this community, was a visionary who laid a foundation of strength upon which all future sisters in Tipton can build. Throughout their time in Tipton, the sisters have been led by women of courage and vision.

In the twenty-first century, the sisters remain a vital community of women who seek to be a reconciling presence in the world. Each one endeavors to bring unity to the 'dear neighbor' however that is possible. They speak out about issues of injustice and lend their voices to those who are seldom heard. They continue to minister through prayer and action, practicing "all works of mercy of which woman is capable" in the way their founders desired.

Ministries We Founded:
Caregiver Companion
The Potter's House
Little Noddfa Retreat & Spiritual

St. Joseph Conference Center

Other Resources:
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Peace & Justice

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Make a Gift – Mission Advancement Office, 1440 W. Division Road, Tipton, Indiana 46072; 765.675.7599. or email Bridget Brewster at bbrewster@csjoseph.org

Contact Us – St. Joseph Center, 1440 W. Division Road, Tipton, Indiana 46072; 765.675.4146. or email