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Associates of the Congregation of St. Joseph are men and women who desire to live in union with God, with one another and with all creation. In response to God’s great love and with mutual support, associates are deeply engaged in living the congregation’s mission of unity and inclusive love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction. With a global awareness, associates allow the mission to inform and guide their lives, while living the life to which they have been called by God.

Why Become an Associate?

  • to deepen one’s personal relationship with God, neighbor, and all creation.
  • to intentionally live the mission of unity and spirituality of the Congregation of St. Joseph.
  • to partner with the Congregation in serving the dear neighbor.
  • to participate in faith sharing and community with Sisters and Associates of the Congregation.
  • to offer one’s life experiences, hopes and gifts to enrich the community and world.

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