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On May 31, Teresa Maya, CCVI, President of LCWR, issued the following statement to the press, which we, The Congregation of St. Joseph, supports:

As women of faith, as Catholic sisters, we strongly oppose the Trump administration’s decision to forcibly separate parents from their children in an effort to punish families seeking safety in the United States.

Mothers and fathers are taking tremendous risks to bring their children to safety. These are families fleeing violence and death in their home countries. They have every right to ask for protection in the United States and the Trump administration is legally and morally obligated to give them a fair chance to seek asylum.

It is impossible to imagine the fear of a child being ripped from the arms of her mother or the pain of a father watching a stranger take his son. It is cruel and inhumane and it must stop. Our faith demands it and our national values require it. We are better than this.

Actions You Take:

Call the White House: The switchboard number is 202-456-1414. Here is some suggested text for your call:

“I am [Name] from [CITY/TOWN], and as a person of faith [and Catholic sister], I urge the president to stop taking children from their parents, immediately. The administration’s policy of forcibly separating parents from their children is immoral. These families are entitled to the respect and dignity that is their God-given right. I value the sanctity of the family and firmly believe that the president should end this immoral practice immediately. He has the power to do it. Our faith demands it. And our national values require it. We are better than this.”

Call Members of Congress: Click here to be connected to your 2 Senators and 1 Representative or call the Capitol Switchboard to be connected directly to your members of Congress. Here’s an example of what to say:

“I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a person of faith, and Catholic sister], I urge you to support policies that protect and unite immigrant and refugee families. The administration is detaining and prosecuting parents, and forcibly separating them from their children. I value the sanctity of the family and believe Congress should act to bring families together, not keep them apart. The president could end this immoral immediately. Unfortunately that seems unlikely. I call on you to do everything in your power to stop family separation. Congress should increase oversight over the Department of Homeland Security and urge them to end unjust policies and cut Congress should cut funding for harmful immigration enforcement that separates families.”

Amplify your voice on Social Media: Click here for a digital media toolkit with sample social media posts and graphics. Use the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether. You can tweet the president directly at .@realDonaldTrump.

Write Opinion Editorials for Local Media Outlets: Click here for a template op-ed.

Sign the Petition: Click here to sign the petition and demand that families belong together.

Attend an Event: People across the country are marching on June 30th to call for the end of the separation of children and families. Click here to find an event near you.

Pray: Even after we have done all that we can to take action on this issue, the power of prayer can also help. Below, we offer a song by our own Sister Kathy Sherman entitled “Faces of the Children” for your contemplation and use in prayer.

The Congregation of St. Joseph is dedicated to love of the dear neighbor, without distinction. We believe that we are all one people, and we work to bring all people together in love of God and one another. Learn more about our immigration efforts here.

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