First Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 2nd


Jer 33: 14-16
Ps 25: 4-5, 8-9, 10, 14 (1b)
1 Thess 3:12-4:2
Lk 21: 25-28, 34-36


Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. PS. 25:4

What better request for us to make as we begin the season of Advent: O Lord, teach me your paths. Each day God teaches us in ways we may not recognize: in the words of scripture, through the actions of friends, in the natural world surrounding us. Today’s scripture urges us to believe God’s promises will be fulfilled. As the prophet Jeremiah assures us, the days are surely coming when God shall bring justice and righteousness to fill our troubled world. Friends express God’s love for us as they reach out a helping hand, to celebrate our joys and to grieve our sorrows. Which of us can forget the lessons learned through the death of a loved one? In northern climes, snow-covered trees laden with dormant buds demonstrate for us the enduring presence of life and love beneath the appearance of death. Flowers in spring teach us the futility of worry—behold the lilies of the field!


Loving God, help me this Advent to learn your paths of love and service. Continue to teach. Help me to learn.

Personal Challenge

Each evening before going to bed I will take a few minutes to reflect on what God has taught me during the day.

Sister Karen Kennelly, CSJ
St. Paul, MN

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