First Sunday of Lent

Sunday, February 18th


Gn 9:8-15
Ps 25:4-9
1Pt 3: 18-22
Mk 1:12-15


“I set my bow in the clouds to serve as a sign of the covenant
between me and the earth.”
Gn 9: 13

As we begin this journey of Lent, with the contrasting images of rainbows after quite a flood, and Jesus called to the desert, I am praying with God’s Covenant of love and trust and new life in my heart and for the whole earth. We are in covenant with so many people, including our Pope Francis in “Laudato Si” and “Laudato Deum.” How can we live this covenant even more fully this year, as we journey with Jesus through the Mystery of his death and resurrection, and ours? More fully! Seeing with more attentive eyes comes to mind, listening with more compassion, acting with more vision of the whole world/earth/universe. I cannot act alone all the time, even when rainbows appear as a sign of grace, or beautiful sunrises and sunsets bring me to gratitude after a storm. I need the covenanted community (like Noah and family, John the Baptist and Jesus, and followers, congregation, and other circles) to live with me in the deserts and in the fullness of life each day. Realizing the covenant of trust and love, gratitude, and generosity is an essential part of this Lenten journey, as we weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who have joy! Transformation is happening!


All-Abiding, Sustainer of Life, call me, through your covenant of love, to journey through deserts, floods, and suffering with others, knowing your rainbows do appear to comfort and sustain.
Give me eyes to see!

Personal Challenge

During this Lent I will share with a friend or spiritual companion how I am living our Covenant of Love more fully. (I will notice rainbows, too!)

Sister Janet Franklin, CSJ
New Roads, LA

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