Synod 2021-2023


In preparation for the Bishops’ Synod in 2023, Pope Francis has asked to hear from us, the People of God, about the Church and where the Holy Spirit is leading us. Many dioceses in the United States are inviting people to participate in this process in a variety of ways.

Guided by our mission and charism, Sisters and Associates of the Congregation of St. Joseph are formally participating in the synodal process through prayer, reflection, conversation, and recommendations.  We hope you will also engage in a synodality process in your local church.

When you think about voicing your hopes for a Church that is truly of the Spirit and actively involved in creating a universe that is home for all, what comes to your mind and what comes to your heart?

We invite everyone to participate in synodal processes being offered in your own diocese.  If your diocese is not offering a synodal process, the Vatican has created other ways to participate.

To learn more, click here for a fact sheet or click here to read an article on our synodal process from a recent issue of imagineONE. For more information and resources including ways to participate, visit the Vatican website here.

For information and resources about the process the Congregation of St. Joseph is using, you may contact Sister Chris Schenk at