Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, February 22nd


Joel 2: 12-18
Ps 51: 3-6, 12-14, 17
2 Cor 5:20 – 6:2
Mt 6: 1-6, 16-18


“Even now…return to me with your whole heart.” Joel 2:12

When I read the words of Joel 2:12, I feel my heart soften and turn towards the One who loves me, like a plant rotating toward the Light that sustains it. How could I not?

These forgiving words acknowledge that, although there is a relationship, the Love that I seek is always seeking me. But Laudato Si’ challenges me to deepen how I hear this re-union call. This verse, according to Elaine Wainbright, is not simply the divine voice speaking to the human community. We’re invited, she says, to hear the text as addressed to the entire Earth community. The broken relationship is between Divinity and the Earth community — which includes people, animals, and all other communities of being. The call is to re-turn from the current relationships to a prior one. And the call is coming not only to the human community, but to all groups within the Earth community. It is a comprehensive call to right relationships between Divinity and Earth.


Peace and happiness are available in every moment.
Peace is every step. We shall walk hand in hand.
There are no political solutions to spiritual problems.
Remember: If the Creator put it there, it is in the right place.
~ Cherokee Prayer ~

Personal Challenge

What Earth community voices do you hear calling for re-union?
What are you doing to show you hear them?

Sister Judith Minear, CSJ
Cleveland, OH

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