First Sunday of Lent

Sunday, March 10th 


Dt. 26: 4-10
Ps 91:1-2. 10-11. 12-13. 14-15
Rom 10: 8-13/ Lk 4: 1-13


So here I am again, another Lent. . .another invitation, another urging, to allow the Spirit to lead me into the desert. This happens every year. Into how many deserts have I actually allowed the Spirit to lead me and what has happened there? More than a simple Lenten practice. . .where are the significant desert places to which I have been or am being led for some specific challenge or transformation? Maybe it’s a particular ministry, need or project, one over which I feel uncertain, inadequate, or challenged, or perhaps a health issue that leaves me feeling weak, uncertain or dependent. Maybe it’s the aging process and a sense of diminishment in so many areas. The Spirit is leading the way and I simply need to follow. Being put to the test, other spirits will interfere, questions will come, but with each step I take the answers, too, will come. . .maybe not at the beginning of my 40 or more day journey but at the time I most need them.


Loving God, you call, you lead, and you give me strength to follow. In that I place my “yes”. In you I place my trust. Amen

Personal Challenge

Take the first step in meeting whatever challenge comes today. Recognize the little deserts that come your way.

Ann Terese Reznicek, CSJ
LaGrange Park, IL

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