Fourth Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 18th


Is 7: 10-14
Ps 24: 1-6
Rom 1: 1-7
Mt 1: 18-24


A virgin will give birth to a son;
his name will be Emmanuel: God is with us.
Mt 1:23

Sunrises and sunsets, oceans and trickling streams, mountains and hills, creatures of land and sea, winter’s icy majesty and the new green of springtime. . . God is with us, rejoicing.

Fires and floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, drought and deluge… God is with us, weeping.

Faithful love of husband and wife, families supporting one another, people caring for the poor, the elderly, and the homeless. . . God is with us, cherishing.

Wars and violence, racism and all discrimination, sexual abuse of children and human trafficking, mass shootings, our plundering of Earth. . .God is with us, suffering.

In our seeking and striving, in our prayer alone and with others, in our longing to know and be known. . . God is with us, God is within us.


God with us, help us to find you in all things. Help us to see your presence–help us to be your presence– in our world.
May our lives give evidence that you continue to abide with us and will never leave us.

Personal Challenge

I will live with the assurance of a believer. God is with us!

Sister Jeanne Cmolik, CSJ
Cleveland, OH

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