Second Sunday of Lent

Sunday, March 13th


Genesis 15: 5-12,17-18
Psalm 27: 1, 7-9, 13-14
Philippians 3: 17-4:1
Luke 9: 20-36


“It is good that we are here.” Luke 9: 33

At the wedding, the guests gathered in the chapel in joyous anticipation. As the couple processed into the chapel, their faces were radiant as they saw their family and friends. When they professed their vows, their love shone brightly. A pinnacle moment. A mountain top moment. Indeed, it was good that we were there.

Their faith and witness called each of us to rejoice and to remember our own vows and life commitments. Their courageous YES to all that will unfold in their lives reminded us of the power of love and God’s faithfulness. And indeed, it was good that we were there.

Throughout our lives there are moments when we are brought into deeper awareness of the power and presence of love. We are called to pay attention and sink into these moments…not to grasp them tightly, but to experience them as gift, as grace, and bring them forward as reminders to live in love. And remember, it is good that we are here.


Good and gracious God, open our minds and hearts to experience
your love on both the mountain tops and valleys of life. Give us
the awareness of your presence and abundant love, so that we
may be open to share that love with all we meet. We ask this in
the name of Jesus. Amen.

Personal Challenge

Each day make note of the positive times when it was good that you are there.

Sister Kathy Brazda, CSJ
Chicago, IL

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