From September 1st through October 4th, we celebrate the Season of Creation, a time when the world unites to pray and care for all creation. Over the next five weeks, the Congregation of St. Joseph will offer prayers, reflections, and actions that you can take to help our common home. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or here to join us in celebrating this Season of Creation.

September 1 – World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation

September 2 – Let Peace and Justice Flow

September 3 – Nourishing Humanity and All Creatures

September 4 – Celebrate the Season

September 5 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’ 

September 6 – Inspired to Take Action

September 7 – Scripture Celebrates Creation

September 8 – Calculate Your Ecological Footprint

September 9 – Celebrate the Season

September 10 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

September 11 – Music for the Season

September 12 – Committing to Living Lighter

September 13 – Four Directions Prayer

September 14 – Protecting Biodiversity

September 15 – The Need for Peace

September 16 – Scripture Celebrates Creation

September 17 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

September 18 – Monitoring Our Water Use

September 19 – Taking Action with Art

September 20 – The Unraveling Web of Life

September 21 – Where Can We Start? 

September 22 – Litany of Repentance 

September 23 – Connecting with Nature

September 24 – The Rights of Rivers

September 25 – Scripture Celebrates Creation

September 26 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

September 27 – The Importance of Water

September 28 – Committing to Saving Energy

September 29 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

September 30 – Scripture Celebrates Creation

October 1 – Prayer of Gratitude for the Beauty of Creation

October 2 – Join the River of Justice and Peace

October 3 – Wisdom from Laudato Si’

October 4 – Canticle of the Creatures

Want to learn more about the work we do to help care for creation? Learn about the steps we’re taking to to strengthen, heal, and renew the face of Earth.

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