Spirit of St. Joseph Award

The Spirit of St. Joseph Award was developed by the Sisters of St. Joseph in Wheeling to be given annually to a student who best exemplifies generous, loving service to others, in the manner of St. Joseph. This award is given to a student in schools where the Sisters of St. Joseph had a long-time presence. We are happy to highlight the award winning students and their schools.

Abi Hugh – St. Joseph Catholic School, Huntington

“Abi, an 8th grade student at St. Joseph Catholic School, has volunteered to work our school’s concession stand at all home basketball games for the past 3 years. She always has a smile on her face and greets all visitors to our school with that same smile. Abi is kind and generous and willing to help others in our St. Joseph family and community.”

— Juliet Dunn, PE and Health Teacher



Laura Tighe – St. Vincent de Paul Parish School, Wheeling

“Laura is an 8th grader at St Vincent’s School. During her time at the school, she has participated in several extracurricular activities. She has been an altar server for the last five years and a member of the school’s choir. She performs in He’s Alive, The Nutcracker, and the fall ballets that are presented by Towngate Theatre. Laura is always willing to help others. She does this without expecting acknowledgement of the kindness or acts of charity.”

— Laurajean Rossell, Principal


Charles, C.J. Rose – Corpus Christi School, Wheeling

“C.J. is always willing to volunteer whenever there is a task at hand. He has volunteered to be the Easter Bunny for the last two years at our annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, as well as helped with the Breakfast with Santa by portraying an elf and snowman. His is also a member of Corpus Christi Choir. Many times he comes forth to offer his help before volunteers are even requested. C.J. is certainly a shining example and role model for all the other students at Corpus Christi School.”

— Dick Taylor, Principal

Ashleigh Raddish – Fairmont Catholic Grade School, Fairmont

“Ashleigh was chosen to receive the Spirit of St. Joseph award for her service to church, school, and community.”

— Richard Pellegrin, Principal





Mena Monroe – St. Agnes Grade School, Charleston

“Mena was a wonderful student. She was always willing to help with any activity here at school and also at church. She has served at Mass any time asked and on weekends also. She is a good role model for the younger students. The staff and I had no problem giving her the St. Joseph award this year.”

— William Grizzell, Principal



Caroline Grace Gallagher McKee – Notre Dame High School, Clarksburg

“Caroline presents herself to be of the highest moral character. She is kind and inclusive of everyone, including those on the fringes of the class. Caroline can be counted on, in any situation, to do the right thing above the socially expedient or popular things. The most outstanding attribute that Caroline possesses is her ability to make anyone feel at ease or cheer them up. She truly has an uplifting influence on everyone she encounters.”

— Angela Grisso & Jackie Reed, Counselors

Elizabeth Kosanovic – Central Catholic High School, Wheeling

Paige Wurtzbacher – All Saints School – Moundsville

“Paige is a sweet young lady who always puts others’ needs before her own. She is kind to all of her classmates. While she is only in the first grade, she clearly understands and demonstrates generous, loving service to others in and outside of school in the manner of St. Joseph. To give an example of her compassion and giving nature, when we were handing out prizes of different colors in her classroom, Paige chose the only pick watch, and there was another little girl who was disappointed that there were no pink ones left. Paige, without hesitation offered to give the little girl hers. This is just one of the many examples of her kindness. She also takes care of the even younger children during our before-care in the classroom. She’s like a little mother with her demonstration of love, compassion, responsibility, and leadership.”

— Sheila Blackmore, Principal

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