Congregation Releases Statement Regarding the Paris Agreement

We the Congregation of St. Joseph, deeply moved by the global devastation caused by climate change have a long standing promise “to claim our oneness with Earth and to take steps to strengthen, heal and renew the face of Earth.” We believe that we are part of an interconnected planet and that global problems call for a global response.

We are deeply outraged at the decision of President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and to stop all future payment to the Green Climate Fund.

United with Pope Francis, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the Catholic Climate Covenant, hundreds of other organizations and thousands of citizens, we continue to deepen our commitment to pursue the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement with whole-hearted effort.

We have sent letters to the President expressing our concern regarding his decisions which have a negative effect on Climate Change. We are involved in construction projects which hold to LEED Gold standards, are installing solar and have changed our buying policies and lifestyles to reflect our effort to fulfill this international agreement to the best of our ability.

We join with others to implore President Trump to reconsider his chosen path, to reunite with the international community in hearing the “cry of earth and the cry of the poor” (Laudato Si). We, together with others, will strengthen our efforts to live by the Paris Climate Agreement and will continue to raise our voices with others to advocate for policies to reverse the devastation of planet Earth for the sake of hope for the future of Earth and all of her inhabitants.

The Congregation of St. Joseph is dedicated to caring for our common home, including taking steps to strengthen, heal, and renew the face of Earth. Learn more about our work to care for creation here.

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