New Year’s Day

Wednesday, January 1


Nm: 6:22-27
Ps 67: 2-3, 5,6,8 2a
Gal 4: 4-7
LK 2: 16-21


“And they went in haste and found Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, lying in a manger.”

These Scriptures call me to look within, and l ask myself “how often do l go in haste to Jesus.” I don’t have to travel weeks to get to see him.

How often do l go to him in prayer asking for wisdom, or for whatever it might be that l need.

The other part of this Scripture that really speaks to me is Jesus and Mary in a manger. A stinky old manger. I think of myself with the vow of poverty, and go deeper with the question of how l live it.

I am not asked to live in a manger, but l don’t need a castle either.


Gracious and gentle God, thank you, thank you for the gift of Jesus. Help us to daily run to Him in haste.

Personal Challenge

Ask Jesus to become one with us in our hearts.

Sister Juli Caron, CSJ
Fargo, ND

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