Second Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 9th


Bar 5:1-9
Ps 126: 1-6
Phil 1: 4-6, 8-11
Lk 3: 1-6


See your children…rejoicing that they are remembered by God! Bar 5:5

Who among us has not experienced a loved parent, friend or relative who no longer remembers? “Who are you?” “I am who loves you and you have made my life better by loving me.” Often a sad half smile comes. “I’m sorry. I can’t remember much.” “That’s okay because I remember you and how your love helped me.” Usually then eyes brighten a bit.

There may be times and seasons when we are so busy we forget about God, about prayer. “Who are you, God?” “I am God who will always remember with love.” That memory brought us Emmanuel, assuring us that God does not forget all the children who are images of God.

Being remembered with love underlies some of the joy of this season as Christmas cards are sent and received. Being remembered with love brings new life. Being remembered with a love that never ends invites us to live within that mystery of God’s loving memory embracing all people. Whatever the future holds, we can live peacefully. “See your children…rejoicing that they are remembered by God.”


Ever living and loving God, we thank you this season for remembering all of us in our Living Emmanuel. May we enter your loving memory for all people whenever we take time to remember Jesus in the many ways we break bread and share the cup of joy.

Personal Challenge

Take time today to remember and pray with joy for the individuals on that Christmas card list and for those remembered with love.

Sister Shawn Madigan, CSJ
Green Bay, WI

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